Useful Forms  

The Communication Environments - Home Form can be used to gather the necessary information to customize a child's communication system.  

The Communication Environments - School Form can be used to assist in gathering the necessary information to customize a student's communication system and to guide system integration within the classroom

Communication Boards

All individuals who use AAC can benefit from having access to a manual communication board either as their primary mode of communication or as a back-up to their high tech AAC device.  To help clinicians new to designing communication boards, two sample boards are provided.

The Introductory Board presents a sample lexicon targeted for a 24-29 month level of expressive language performance.  It uses the Fitzgerald Key format as the vocabulary organization format and contains the vocabulary needed for a child to be assessed using the Preschool Language Scale.  

The second example is a Tri-Fold communication Board.  It presents a a beginning word board, designed in a Fitzgerald Key Format.  The words are presented in a large font to help promote sight-word recognition.  Small picture symbols accompany each word.  The vocabulary on this board targets a child at the 36-40 month expressive language level.  A board such as this may also be created solely using pictures symbols.

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